A shared studio space, designed to bring art and science together. It offers all users an opportunity to experiment with our biggest natural energy resource: sunlight. The sunlight is then captured with a Parans receiver and fed into the lab using glass fiber cables. The project was made as part of BauhausEins e.V. - an experimental project space and built with the help of Michael Grunwald and Björn Jung. Additional support was provided by the Wohnstätte Weimar and PackLight. It is located near the Bauhaus Universität Weimar campus at Bauhausstraße 1 in Weimar, Germany.

Useless Machines

A workshop format created specifically for artists and designers who are interested in including electronics in their work, but have no idea where to start. After learning the basics, each participant must develop their own idea for a small interactive machine. Following the principle of "learning by doing", they achieve their goal through a mixture of short lectures and self-directed study of the components they want to use in their idea.

The Dance Media Academy

An extensive workshop project curated by Prue Lang and Stefan Kraus with media students from the Bauhaus-University, and dancers from Poland and France to create multiple interactive performances. The projects experimented with movement, sound, light, space and video projections, all with the aim to create a dialogue between technology and performance art. At the conclusion, twelve final shows were presented to the public as part of Kunstfest Weimar.

Die Ermittler

A participatory art project, with the objective to establish a dialogue between refugees and local residents, taking a stand against fear and the unknown, in light of the current political landscape. Out of an improvised video studio, refugees were enabled to lend Germanys most known writers their voice and face by live-projecting them on the famous Goethe-Schiller monument. Visitors could then ask questions and begin a dialogue by talking directly to the sculptures. 
A collaboration between the artist Krzysztof Wodiczko and Media Students of the Bauhaus-University.


A festival and workshop format to bring all crafts together in celebration. Brought to life three times by a team of artists, designers, architects, musicans, performers and a chef.
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